Shahmukhi Font

To read Wichaar properly you need Alvi Nastaleeq font installed on your computer. You may already have installed Ali Nastaleeq font from other sites but we recommend downloaing it from WICHAAR becuase wichaar is using "Rnoon" in its articles that will not be displayed without our edited font.

You can download font from link given below.


How to install font.

1-Click above linke to download Alvi Nastaleeq Font in ZIP file and save file on you computer.

2- If you are running Windows XP Right click ZIP file and select �Extract All� from menu.

3-Once file is Un Zipped, Copy Alvi Nastaleeq.ttf file and��

4- Opne "My Computer" > C drive > Windows> Fonts Folder.

5. Copy that font file in fonts directory.

6. Press F5 to refresh fonts database.

7. Now you must be able to read Wichaar Properly.